Kitchen Sinks

A Sink to Build a Room Around

Turn your kitchen into a cucina. Our sinks will transform your kitchen and bring the genteel lifestyle into your home.

All Ruvati kitchen sinks are handcrafted with the highest-grade stainless steel available for consumer kitchens — this makes them more durable against the dents and dings of daily use. The craftsmanship of all Ruvati sinks is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Every basin features a luxurious brushed satin finish that mimics the warm glow of the street lights of Venice on a brisk fall evening. Supported by soundguard pads to dampen noise and reduce clatter, our basins come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any countertop and kitchen layout.

With Ruvati, you can create the true Italian kitchen experience.

Ruvait Gravena Kitchen SinksGravena Ruvait Nesta Kitchen SinksNesta Ruvait Parma Kitchen SinksParma
Ruvait Roma Kitchen SinksRoma Ruvait Tirana Kitchen SinksTirana Ruvait Varna Kitchen SinksVarna
Ruvati Verona Kitchen SinksVerona

A dilemma is only natural when such a rich variety of modern kitchen sinks is right in front of you, all of them being the perfect epitomes of the Italian charm. So where do you start? It’s simple – from your needs! Remember a sink must not be too large for a kitchen or too small for your daily requisites. Accordingly, you’ll need to figure out the features that suit your purpose.

We, at
Ruvati, take pride in offering all our designs in the form of 16 gauge kitchen sinks built for heavy use lasting a lifetime. Each of the sub categories satisfy a unique desire that can be expected out of diverse users. Although double bowls are available within all of the sub categories, a triple bowl can be found only within Gravena. The cutting board attached to the sink, make Roma a chef’s first choice. If you’re looking for farmhouse kitchen sinks, you may start from the Verona series while the most contemporary overmount design can be seen in the Tirana series.

While choosing a kitchen sink from Ruvati, you can expect some definite features like –

  • Sound guard padding to prevent noise
  • Undercoating to prevent condensation damage
  • Luxurious satin finish
  • 16 gauge stainless steel
  • Installation accessories included such as sink, cut-out template, rinse grid, basket strainer

Some of the other factors to consider while choosing from Ruvati sinks can be the drain placements and drain grooves. The
Nesta series is known to appeal to the designer eyes due to its sharp corners and rear drain placement to avoid the wares from blocking the drain. The depth of the sinks is yet another factor that will depend on your usage. For a home hosting parties or with a large family, deep stainless steel sinks can be essential to handle large sized cooking wares.

No matter what your needs are, our sinks have been handcrafted to meet them while maintaining a classic look and high quality functionality.