Lifetime Rust-free Guarantee


Do Ruvati sinks rust: Why are there rust stains in my Ruvati sink?

Ruvati sinks are made of T-304 grade stainless steel with a 18/10 chromium/nickel composition. It is almost impossible for this material to rust. That is why Ruvati backs all their stainless steel sinks with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against rust.


The T-304 grade stainless steel that is used for the construction of Ruvati sinks is 100% rust-proof. They physically cannot rust under normal household condition. Nevertheless, from time to time, we get panicked calls from customers who just discovered rust stains in their beautiful sink. How can that happen? Well, it cannot! The sink never rusts. But pots and pans do! Cast iron pots rust a lot. So does the cans that your canned tomato comes in. And when you leave that can sitting in your sink for hours, the rust stain gets absorbed into the stainless steel of the sink. Now you have rust stains in your sink giving you the impression that the sink rusted. Sometimes, heavy-duty cleaning agents containing corrosive chemicals can also damage the stainless steel. (See or Cleaning Guide for approved cleaning agents that should be used for keeping your sink clean). Not to worry. These rust stains are completely removable. Here’s how:


There are special cleaning agents that you can use to remove rust stains from your sink. Our favorite is the
Bar Keepers Friend – Stainless Steel Cleanser and Polish. It is available at your local hardware store, or online on Amazon. Use a scrubbing pad that is safe on stainless steel. For example: 3M Scotch-Brite Light Duty pads. Never use Steel or Metal pads as these will leave unsightly scratches. Apply the Bar Keepers Friend powder on the surface, and using the scrubbing pad gently scrub in the direction of the brushed finish of your stainless steel. The rust stains should disappear.


In the future, do not leave anything that rusts easily (cast iron cookware or utensils, cans, metal strainers…) sitting inside your sink. Never use heavy duty cleansers, bleach, or cleansers with oxidizing agents (eg. Oxiclean) on your stainless steel sink. If you do, make sure to wash it off immediately with ample water. Best way to clean your sink regularly is using dish-washing soap and a sponge pad. Occasionally, clean your sink with Bar Keepers Friend to make your sink look like new!