How to Replace a Faucet Hose


Tools You Will Need
groove-point-pliers wrench screwdriver
Groove Point Pliers  Adjustable Wrench  Phillips Head Screwdriver


Safety Tips warning WARNING

  • Ruvati recommends that this product only be installed by a licensed professional.
  • Always shut off the water supply befor removing the existing faucet and/or installing a new one. Open the hot and cold knobs on the existing faucet in order to release built up pressure..
  • Always wear saftely glasses when cutting or soldering water supply lines
  • Keep the drain covered to avoid losing parts.
  • Ruvati is not liable for any damage to product, countertop, or sink due to improper installation.


Replacement Directions

1 water-supply-off 1. Turn off the water supply off by turning the water supply valve(s) clockwise until it can no longer be turned (Figure 1).
2 hose-replacement-2  2. Use a philips head screwdriver to remove the screws from the spray hose weight. Once screws are removed, take the wieght off of the hose (Figure 2).
3 hose-replacement-3  3. Remove the faucet head by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction (Figure 3).
4 hose-replacement-4  4. Use an adjustable wrench or a pair of groove point pliers to unscrew the spray hose from the spray hose pipe counterclockwise (Figure 4).
5  5. Now that the spray hose is disconnected, you may remove it by pulling it out of the faucet and discard it (Figure 5).
6hose-replacement-6  6. Take your replacement spray hose and thread it down through the faucet spout until you can see it sticking out from the base of the faucet (Figure 6).
7 hose-replacement-7  7.  Reconnect the spray hose to the spray hose pipe by using an adjustable wrench or a pair of groove point pliers to screw it back in a clockwise direction (Figure 7).
8 hose-replacement-8  8. Recconnect the spray hose weight by placing one half of the weight on one side of the hose and placing the remaining half of the weight on the other side of the hose. Reinsert the screws into the weight and use a philips head screwdriver to screw the two halves of the weight together. Make sure the weight is facing vertically on the loosest section of the spray hose (Figure 8).
9 hose-replacement-9  9. Reattach the faucet head by screwing it in a clockwise direction into the end of the spray hose protruding from the spout of the faucet (Figure 9).
10 water-supply-on  10. Turn water supply back on by turning the water supply valve(s) counterclockwise (Figure 10).