How to Replace a Ruvati Faucet Cartridge

This guide shows you how to how to replace your Ruvati faucet cartridge.

Tools Needed
groove-point-pliers allen-wrench wrench flathead-screwdriver
Groove Point Pliers Flat Head Screwdriver Adjustable Wrench Adjustable Wrench


Safety Tips warning WARNING

  • Always shut off the water supply before removing the existing faucet and/or installing a new one. Open the hot and cold knobs on the existing faucet in order to release built up pressure.
  • Always wear safely glasses when cutting or soldering water supply lines
  • Keep the drain covered to avoid losing parts.
  • Ruvati is not liable for any damage to product, countertop, or sink due to improper installation.


Replacement Directions

Ruvati Cartridge ReplacementFIGURE 1 Locate the temperature indicator button usually found on the top or underneath the faucet handle (Figure 1).
Ruvati Faucet Cartridge ReplacementFIGURE 2  Pop Out the temperature indicator button by using your finger nail, flat card, or a flathead screw driver (Figure 2).
Ruvati Cartridge Replacement FIGURE 3 Loosen the screw slightly by placing the provided Allen key in the hole and unscrewing in a counterclockwise direction (Figure 3).
PrintFIGURE 4 The handle will come off easily just by loosening the screw a little bit (Figure 4).
PrintFIGURE 5 Unscrew the cover around the cartridge by using your hands to avoid any scratches (Figure 5).
RuvatiFIGURE 6 The exposed brass nut can be unscrewed using an appropriate wrench. Unscrew the brass nut to expose the cartridge (Figure 6).
RuvatiFIGURE 7 The cartridge can now be taken out and replaced by the new one (Figure 7). You may reassemble the faucet by reattaching the brass nut followed by it’s cover. Then place the handle back into place and tighten the screw using the Allen key. Finally reinsert the temperature indicator back into the handle.