How to clean Ruvati RVF1290 faucet aerator

This guide shows you how to open and clean the sprayer aerator for Ruvati faucets RVF1290CH, RVF1290ST, RVF1290K1CH, RVF1290K1ST, RVF1290B1CH and RVF1290B1ST. We recommend opening and cleaning the aerator whenever the sprayer water flow is not even and some of the holes in the sprayer appear clogged. This can happen due to hard water or sediments in the water in your water supply.

Tools You Will Need
pliers-01 pokey-thing-01
Bent Nose Pliers                     Thimble


Safety Tips warning WARNING

  • Keep the drain covered to avoid losing parts.
  • Ruvati is not liable for any damage to product, countertop, or sink due to improper handling.


Cleaning Directions

FIGURE 1Print Remove your Ruvati faucet head by unscrewing it counterclockwise from the spray hose (Figure 1).
FIGURE 2 Print Once the faucet head has been removed, use your bent nose pliers to unscrew the nozzle cap from the base of the head (Figure 2).
FIGURE 3Print When the nozzle cap has been removed, place your thimble or some other long skinny tool through the spray holes and push (Figure 3).
FIGURE 4Print This should enable you to pull the components of the aerator apart (Figure 4).
FIGURE 5Print Now that aerator has been disassembled, you can clean the components by flushing them with water (Figure 5). Once the parts have been thoroughly cleaned, reassemble the components and screw it back into the faucet head. Then re-attach the faucet head by screwing it back into the faucet hose in a clockwise direction.