I am installing a garbage disposal with my Ruvati sink. Where can I get the flange / drain that will fit?

Ruvati sinks have standard 3.5″ drains, so they should fit the standard flange that comes with your garbage disposal. Because garbage disposals may vary, we recommend using the flange (drain) that comes with the garbage disposal. In that way, you can ensure that your disposal will function properly. Most Ruvati sinks come pre-packaged with basket strainer drains (1 drain for single bowl sinks and 2 drains for double bowl sinks). If you are installing a garbage disposal, you will not be using the Ruvati basket strainer drain in that bowl. If you have a double bowl sink, you will install the garbage disposal on one bowl, along with its flange, and in the other bowl, you will be using the Ruvati basket strainer drain.

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