How do I clean my stainless steel sink?

Stainless steel is virtually carefree, and highly resistant to damage. However it can be damaged by certain harsh chemicals. To clean the sink, only use chemicals that are listed as safe for cleaning stainless steel. For regular purposes, dishwashing soap and a soft foam sponge will be enough to scrub off any food waste stuck to your sink. For hardwater deposits, you can use a little white vinegar. Gently rub with vinegar and rinse off with water. Whatever chemicals or soap you use to clean your sink, make sure to thoroughly rinse off with water. Household bleach can be very damaging to stainless steel. If you pour bleach in the sink, make sure to rinse off with water right away. Wet sponges, or wet colored towels left sitting in the sink for prolonged periods can stain the sink surface. Cast iron pots and pans rust. When you leave wet cast iron pots sitting in your sink, the rust can get absorbed into the stainless steel and leave rust stains. Instructions on how to remove these stains can be found here. In general stainless steel is very resistant to damages, but if you want to maintain the finish and keep your sink looking like new, we recommend rinsing off any dirt with water after every use and wipe it dry with a towel.

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